Monday, 17 February 2014

Deja Vu

Seriously, how many times do you go to do something and your mother's voice rings in your ears!  I was getting dressed one day a week or so ago so I could trudge to work in -27 C temperatures and decided I would wear a long skirt which perfectly covers my capri-length leggings and I thought I heard my Mom whisper to me, "It is too cold to go without bloomers, Eileen,  You will freeze your skin!"  I almost giggled out loud.  Gone are the days of shivering in miniskirts at a Winnipeg bus stop or wading through knee deep snow with no winter boots.  I am the practical 60-something, dressing for comfort!  And my mom would be smiling at me with a "told-you-so" glint in her eyes if she were still here today!

Thanks Mom!  You live on!
I discovered I often do things without even thinking because that was the way mom did them: tape paper bags to my sewing machine to catch snippets of thread; cook beets only with the skins on; wear white only in summer; and never wear black to a wedding.  I could go on.  The brilliant day is when I hear my own daughters do the same thing!  Generation gap no more!  We become our mothers some day!  Oh JOY!

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