Friday, 23 May 2014

Our New Home

It has been amazing to observe life now, as I enter into a new phase in my life that I see with older, perhaps wiser eyes where BIG is smaller and less important these days.  Peeling the layers down to what makes me feel happy and fulfilled has opened up this new world of being able to create a home filled with that same joy and peace that I find in the possessions that made the cut.

In our recent big downsize, I opted for treasures that bring back memories of adventures in far away lands or for those that create soft waves of nostalgia for sweet, little girl fingers and toes - all hold a special place in our home.  Fancy cooking gadgets and paraphernalia have been trumped by cherished, dented pots (I know, really), and beat up salt & pepper shakers filled with more fun times than salt or pepper. Lovely dishes fill the cupboards because they look nice rather than because they are chip or crack resistant (although we still have some of them!).  Form sometimes trumped Function but, in the end, it all worked so well together - harmony in a sometimes unsettled life.

I have not curled up into a little ball in some spa-like setting or hidden in a deep dark forest far away from the buzzing world around. Rather, I have settled (almost!) into life on an oasis - small, in the center of our new and blossoming desert in the Okanagan Valley.

So, while I sit and ponder the desert landscape, watch the quail court and the hummingbirds feed, I smile and take another sip of tea.  

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