Saturday, 3 January 2015

A Pajama Kind of Day

Today was a pajama kind of day.  Dull light of a winter morning shimmered through the curtains, sneaking past the blind, determined to get me out of bed.  Cozy pajamas and matching robe felt stylish and right in the cold light as the coffee begged to be drunk slowly, lingering with chit chat around the rustic wooden table.  No rush, no demands, no commitments to drive me past the door sill.  Keyboard, Facebook, and a warm shawl delayed the launch into a day.  The finches flitted around the feeder, fighting for their turn to feast on sunflower seeds and suet.  Quail pecked on the ground below, scratching for the seed sprayed by sparrows greedily swaying on the post.  Their busyness entertained but did not make a difference to the pajama mood.  The couch beckoned but, the clock registered 3 PM and then, only the possibility of a doorbell sounding at such a late hour drove me to scramble into jeans and a hoodie - sense and sensibility melded at last - but, how I love pajama kind of days!


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