Friday, 17 April 2015

Part-time gigs

Just reviewing my budget today - checking life insurance, doing taxes - all of that fun stuff that gets done annually at least.  Amidst much sighing as I struggled with our printer ink failure, intercepting a large pool of meat ``juice`` running across the counter, invisible to everyone but me and then, finally, sitting down to file all papers before I start, I finally sat down at my computer to begin.  Final total wasn`t surprising but reflected what was to be expected since I did work last year.  Same old, same old except there is no more big income to pay the tax man now.  More sighs.

My mind wandered (it does that from time to time!) to part time gigs for seniors.  Is it worth it?  Have you tried it?  How`s that working for you now?

I thought about some of the positives:

  • More money, obviously.
  • Guaranteed social contact - forced not chosen - but still, contact.
  • Sense of accomplishment - something that is more easily measured by assigned, required tasks.

Undaunted by my inquiring mind, I thought about the possibilities in my own community.  Yes, I did check some employment ads!

  1. Fruit or vineyard worker - outside, very physical, in all kinds of weather, seasonal, for $10 per hour!
  2. Ice cream server - trendy, gelato place, busy tourist location, on my feet all day, dealing with many social contacts!
  3. School bus driver - well, just the thought of a busload of school children twice a day five days a week - gulp.
  4. Sales representative for local furniture store - must be able to lift forty pounds.  I think this must mean that said rep. would be working in the back with inventory too.
I deep-sixed my list.

Retirement has given me the gift of flexible, free time to spend with my choice of friend or foe, for that matter, coming and going as I choose with so many opportunities to connect to the community where ever my passions and skills meet that - voila - the decision was simple!  

Cut expenses starting with the Taxman!!  No part-time gig for me!

Unless you know someone who would be interested in buying a painting by an amateur!!


  1. You sound like me when I first retired, Eileen. But I have come to realize it takes st least a year and a half to adjust to retirement. I meanbwe worked and worked for years and now what? But you do NOT want to get another job, not quite yet anyway. I guarantee your days will startbto fill up. Thanks for your comment on my fitbit post. Check out some of my earlier retirement posts and you will see what I mean.

    1. I am almost at a year, Rosy, and I am beginning to see that. Still have those days, though, when I am searching for something or someone to pass the time. I also moved when I retired so re-designing my life on two planes has been a challenge. BUT I wouldn't trade it for anything! Thanks for your comment. I will read some of your other posts.


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