Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beatles, Eternal Reefs or Candy Bars for a Funeral?

With spring flowers merging seamlessly into the abundance of summer foliage and canoeing on the lake, it kind of comes as a surprise that I would blog about funerals.  I have occasionally thought about what I would like and have asked my partner what his preference would be, but, really, I can't say I have given it much more thought than the little one that says I should save enough money for it!

As we age funerals become more common in our lives.  Many boomers have already lost their parents or are facing that possibility in the next few years.  Some of us have lost dear friends as well.

Trends for funerals, these days, are moving away from the traditional and incorporating some of the new ideas that technology and the internet affords.  (iSeniorSolutions)  Although planning your own funeral might sound a little morbid and certainly may not appeal to anyone on a bright summer day, perhaps while we are anticipating visits with our children over the summer vacation time, it might be just the right time to give it a little thought - especially being clear about what you don't want!

Musical tributes have become much more customized to the deceased's preferences and have moved away from the traditional hymns for many.  I did some quick research to see if I could find music I might want at my funeral - representing my philosophy on life, perhaps, or just a few favorite songs.  I thought about the fact that I wouldn't be there to enjoy the performance but maybe my children would connect with a sense of who I was over the years and certainly my friends could nod their heads to the beat.  Music can also reflect the loss felt by those attending.  There are actually websites with lists of popular choices.  Google never ceases to amaze me when it comes to these things.  I contemplated some Beatles tunes, teared up a little with some country and even listened to some rocking blues before becoming overwhelmed with the whole idea!  Here is one link you can check out for yourself.

Funeral Music and Poetry Ideas

Burial options have transitioned and cremation has become more and more popular.  I joked with my kids about having my ashes divided equally between all four of them so they could do what they want with me.  I envisioned them each choosing a special place to scatter my ashes where they could return to on Mother's Day each year.  They all reacted with various renditions of "OOOO" not wanting to really take anything home with them.  With that in mind, I really liked the Plant a Tree idea for what to do with the remains after cremation.  Or, if scattering, then building a cairn - of course, that would mean scattering me in the Rocky Mountains!  There are others in this link as well (just avoid the environmentally negative ones like releasing balloons or launching lanterns).

Memorial Service Ideas

There are some evolving, edgy alternative burial choices now moving from obtuse to mainstream, natural to green.  See links below.  The idea of Eternal Reefs sounds like an interesting idea.  I have included a site that talks about Green Funerals as well.

Burial Alternatives
Green Funerals

So enough said!  I have about forty more songs to listen to before I can get even close to deciding, but do your family a favour - plan ahead!

For many personal reasons, I think my winner is.....



Smoking Hot Body


  1. Great post! I want 'It's been a lovely cruise' by Jimmy Buffett for my song, then the others can choose whatever they want. Definitely cremation and memorial svc! I'll be watching to see who shows up. lol!

  2. Mine is all set also. Cremation, private burial and at a later date a memorial party. 70 and 80's music, food, drink and laughter on me!!

    1. You are definitely ahead of me. Thanks for commenting.

  3. You have good ideas for a funeral. Though it's kind of weird to think about planning it, we have to admit that there comes a time when it passes in our minds. I guess that’s because everything really has its end, and death is one of the most inevitable things in this world. Well, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eileen!

    Chastity Gamboa @ Usher Funeral Home

    1. That is true - death and taxes or so they say. Thanks for your comment.


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