Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Bloomin' Move

Ah \- to be 15 years old!
I spent my whole growing-up phase of life in the same home - a little two bedroom apartment in the back of my parents bakery on the Canadian prairies - small town girl, same friends all the way through school, summers filled with playing "Knock, Knock, Ginger" and bicycle trips out to the famed Chickadee Land.  I played in a sandbox filled with sand from the famous sand dunes (Spirit Sands) just north of our little town and still remember the fun ferry ride across the Assiniboine River before the current bridge emerged.  So, to find myself moving six times in the last 14 years is so not like me! Moves dictated by crazy relationships or life changes; pursuits of inner city living or escapes to the suburbs - they have added up.  I have learned some packing tips and figured out how to make a landing and decorate a house in 3 days, but, I have not yet found an angst-free path between the old and the new.
Me hiking at Spirit Sands

I have spent the last month either preparing for the move out of our current home or planning the set up of our soon to be new home.  I have learned to make decisions, stay the path, embrace the easy and breathe through the challenging.  I have also learned to lean on those who offer a hand or a shoulder - depending on the day!  Today, in the midst of the proverbial angst, I sit and visualize the view from my new home, imagine the fragrance of the roses blooming by the patio and can almost taste the tingle of the local Chardonnay and I just know, in that one mental picture, that I am home.

In my continual, lifelong search for peace, balance and tranquility, I have not always succeeded but in the attempt to avoid the unavoidable I have sold out dreams and sidestepped amazing opportunities.  I recently posted a picture - one of those proverbial Face Book sayings that really resonated within me:

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  Anais Nin.  


In China - still hard to believe!

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