Saturday, 10 May 2014

Couch Surfing - The New Reality

Many, many blogs have been written about adult children returning to their parent's home when between jobs or returning to school or just because there is no place like home!  I am here to break tradition! Yes, go against the norm, fly in the face of the expected, and, land with a soft ploof on my daughter's couch.  Due to the space between sale day and possession date, we found ourselves begging for shelter in my baby's new condo.  Upscale, multiple stairs, and oh, so thirty-something - lovely and totally Mom proof, it seems.  Everything is an adventure - figuring out the TV remote was an evening battle - and that after verbal instructions and much nodding of heads.  Laundry machines - a cinch!  Fighting my OCD - so far so good.  I am back in the world of joyful Mom things - gathering blonde hair into ponytails, sharing books (although there is no story time!) and managing the TV remote (no parental controls!).  Afternoon naps (mine, not hers) work well with late night activities (hers, not mine!) and all is good - for this week at least.  One more week and we head west to meet up with our furniture, take possession of our new home and start settling in. With a short tour back to being a "roomie" with my dear daughter for another month as I work out the final stage of my career and I will be officially retired!  Sunshine and more adventures - only about 50 more sleeps!  I promise to resist saying "are we there yet" - a total role reversal just might be hard to reverse!

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