Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Nesting Very Well, Thank You!

Many lovely friends have asked me how retirement is going.  Most then hoot or chortle and say they already know the answer!  However, my retirement  has somehow taken a back seat to - wait for it - NESTNG. Not the nesting that happens when you draw close to your due date and all those adorable little clothes need to be washed and folded for the new little one arriving soon - God forbid!  This has a similar feeling, I suppose, as I prepared to hatch ALL those idealistic plans of writing more, walking more and living in the moment more - well, they are hanging on the ``get to you later`` tree I planted on Day One.

I feel I am in a Super Storm of sorts - feathering a nest is always challenging but retiring, selling our city house, moving to another province and establishing a new home in a small town, all in two months, is like building a nest in a thunderstorm!  It`s all good really! but just like those poor birds being blown around by gusty winds and driving rain, I flutter about my new home, constantly moving this and adjusting that, discussing the advantages of a gluten-free only shelf in the shared pantry (Chef and Sous-chef kind of discussing), and then, when my little bird eyes shift outside to the yard, hefting huge pots of herbs and peppers and melons as the winds of change swoop down into our little desert yard. I am thinking my new neighbors must notice the movement of pots of plants from one side to the other and then, mysteriously back but I have never seen a neighbor out in the heat myself!  I suspect they think the adorable quail might have developed super strength and have ferreted these on their backs on their evening or early morning visits.

Just when I think the last straw has been tucked into the nest, I notice the dust bunnies hiding under the bed or the sand dunes collecting in the entry way, and off goes my computer (or sewing machine or yoga video) and off I go, scurrying after the "bait" - new drapes, new birdbath, patio plans - really, it wouldn`t matter as they all take me further into my new nest!  The way I see it, life is for the birds!  I wouldn`t have it any other way!

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