Monday, 27 October 2014

My Closet Experience

I finally did it - after two months of solid visitors, September arrived and I finally started in on organizing our closets - getting in touch with my "things" after the BIG move.
          • Linen closet - check.  
          • Walk-in closet - check.  
          • Front hall closet - check.  
In less than two days I ran out of closets!  I started on desk drawers (x4) and kitchen drawers - well, actually,  I tend to leave them alone these days!  The chef gets grouchy and threatens to quit if I create any new pockets of storage that swallow up peelers and paring knives!  I vacuumed three times a week and dusted almost daily.  It was as though some maverick Molly Maid had stolen my brain and I couldn't help cleaning.  And then, just like Forest Gump quit running, I just stopped cleaning one day.  I sat down, looked around and "SNAP," Molly was gone.  Now there are a few dust bunnies to hunt down from time to time; the bathrooms actually look like they need to be cleaned before they are; and, the crumbs on the dark rug get kicked onto the lighter hardwood where they are less noticeable until the vacuum comes out of hiding.

I just let it go!  Deep breath!  I quit hovering around Raouf's elbows as he cooked and gratefully took on the clean up role (re: my post Identity Box), puttering around polishing wine glasses to my heart's content.  I joined the library and took out a pile of books and reveled in the time I had free to read - the good, the bad and the ugly (if I wanted!).  I rarely pack my camera away these days as the full symphony of autumn replays every day with surprises at each turn in the path.  This has lead to my new favorite past time - wandering.  Up mountains, by rivers, down pathways, through vineyards and along the lake shore - I wander, snap, ponder and re-connect with authentic little old me.  I also have lovingly embraced my keyboard and dusted off some old writing as well as started on some new and reveled in the sense of joy this amazing gift of time gives - the hours to do what I love to do on a schedule only I devise.

So now, when I wake up in the morning - late - I throw the guilt in the corner (well, usually - still working on that!) and snuggle under the covers until inspiration or a quick call to the bathroom pushes me out!  HAPPY RETIREMENT to me!


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