Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015

It is the last day of 2015 and I made a quick run through all of my posts with the intent of sharing the top ten with you.   It turned into a review of my own personal journey as I hit the highs and shared some of the lows. To sum it up, 2015 has been a year of exploration for me. Almost like a coming of age experience - only when you are 65 and not 15! The blog took off this year - thanks to more than a little help from my online friends with page views zooming from 60 to 1400! Thank you, one and all, for your interest, your comments, and your presence! I feel like 2014 was more jogging in place and 2015 finally saw me figuratively running along new trails with an increasing number of fellow joggers keeping me company! 

Five-Mind Games to Annihilate Boredom
This is me talking to myself - not a mountain top experience but the sound of rumblings in the valley. I pushed myself to slog up the nearest hill even if it was a garbage dump just to shake my soul up a little and remind myself I am OK!

9. Look Backwards
A much-needed reminder that Planning is not a destination - it's OK to move on to the living part!

8. Autumn of My Life: Aging Well

Pausing for a season of gratitude - so necessary no matter what stage of life you are facing. I feel strongly still, that honouring my creative inner-me is a risk well worth taking!

7. Beatles, Reefs or Candy Bars?
As we age, funerals become more common in our lives. We no longer feel queasy at the thought and the trends these days are certainly taking it out of the cemetery of our parents! With 145 page views, I would say that many of us are curious about how this may play out in our end-of-life story.

6. Enough-ness in Retirement
So far, one year has pushed me and prodded me to write a story for a new audience, paint with a group, swim (or float) with no concern about the rolls and wobbles exposed to the world, and relax in the quiet of my own home to read, paint, sleep, repeat.  I walked the shore, photographed the emotions mirrored in the lake, and rested on a bench, alone or not, content and full of awe at the tranquility water can integrate into my soul.  
Let's face it - not everyone has the privilege of getting old, but few of us look forward to it.  I am here to share why the place I am in right now is the best place there is in a long life of "places."
This generation is not lost;  it is being found every moment of every day by the loving parents who were shaped by (me/you) the generation before.  
Our close call with a wildfire seems so minuscule now that it is over and the news is pouring in about the many people who lost homes and livestock and livelihoods.  It feels selfish to keep talking about it and blogging about it.  And yet, in this moment, when the question is still there, I do have wisdom I didn't have a few days ago: I know what I would save in an evacuation emergency and I know what I didn't have - an emergency plan.
I am heading toward one of those milestone birthdays that everyone keeps talking about on my Facebook page this year.  Perhaps that is because many of my friends are on the same journey!  I find that things are changing for me - small things really - but I have the time to take notice of small things these days. 

AND, my Number 1 post of 2015 with over 300 page views - a record for this humble blogger:
Retirees don't morph into something they are not, but for this retiree, at least, they continue to become who they really are. 


May you be your authentic self 

as you explore the new horizons ahead!

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