Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Labyrinth of Life

Image result for you have come a long way quotesI never believed that this could happen in retirement. One minute I am coasting along, embracing new experiences, welcoming a few challenges and BANG I feel overwhelmed, grumpy, and disillusioned.

I chase balance like some people chase gold. Too much? Time to cut back. Not enough?  Time to ramp up. I run from one jar to the other, adding a marble here and taking out one from there. The path between all of my jars is well worn, grooved deeply, so much so that it is hard to climb out of some of them and get on level ground for awhile. That's when I need to take the bird's eye view of my own labyrinth of life.

Make a choice - a hard one to eliminate some of the jars or maybe change the path a little, running on one or the other instead of the usual? Or, here's a concept worth considering, quit running for a while and let the worn paths of my life fill in a little and become more like a walk on a beach than a dash down a highway. Maybe one or two need to be cordoned off until they are safer or maybe some very faint ones need to be explored more thoroughly. That is life and until I can take it all in I will fail to enjoy my journey. Focusing on the finish line is futile as the only finish line we ever truly cross in finality is death. The rest are all just part of the scenery.

Resting in the moment. Ah. There it is. 
It is so beautiful from way up here!

Clarity and Joy!

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