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Update 2019: my new website is SO much more recent and representative! Please go there to check it out!  Art by Eileen

Update 2017: Painting has become a part of my retired life. I started to sell my work last year - online and in the Osoyoos Art Gallery (when I can squeeze into a show!)  I also set up a new blog to capture my thoughts and some of my paintings and called it Boomers Rainbow. Check it out if you want to see more of my efforts as I go through the growing pains of learning something new. Thanx!!!

With each new season in life there comes new opportunities.  I have recently been studying under watercolor artist, Sue Whittaker.  My decision to share my paintings on my blog was one of great contemplation.  I always saw myself as a writer but when I picked up a paint brush it was like a fire burst into flame.  Please enjoy a quick peak.

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